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Posted: Sun Mar 18, 2018 8:49 pm    Post subject: Ads

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PostPosted: Sun Jul 09, 2006 5:50 pm    Post subject: FAQ Reply with quote

No backup questions until annouced Exclamation

If there is not one post in 35 days, your forum will be automatically deleted.

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1-Where is the configuration/administrator panel to setup/config my forum?
The link to get into it is at the bottom of the forum index page. Read the how to from >

Only registered users can see links on this forum!
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for more information.

2-MODS also known as modifications (hacks) in the admin panel asking for a password?
ForumUp deactivated this option because of security and upgrading reasons. Still, you can dress your forum Up in many ways!

3-I want to change the option Activation by User to Admin or None, but it doesn’t work?
This has been set by ForumUp as default “user” to avoid spam and other troubles. On this option, it will jump back to "User" if you try to change it.

4-I set "Disable board" to Yes and submitted, but it does not work. It jumps back to No?
Sorry you can not use it. Lock your forums to disable it from users.

5-When members try to register, it tells them the confirmation code is incorrect, but there is no box to type in a confirmation code.
We can no longer set the ForumUp forums to "no" for Visual Confirmation. It will now default to "yes".

Some styles hide the confirmation code, so choose a style which will show the visual confirmation box on the member register window. If you find a style that will not show it, please post the name of the style in the Bugs and Errors folder.

6-Why are the other options there that we can`t change?
Because its a standard template.

7-Users, or I, don`t get the activation email on the given email address?
Check the spam/junk folder. If you pop mail from an account using an email handling program on your computer (such as having Outlook Express configured to receive mail), check the folders by webmail. Many accounts won't pass on the contents of the spam/junk folder to your mail handling program on your computer.

Also read the following for further information about problems with receiving email from ForumUp:


Registered members click here:
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8-I just made a forum and want to change this.forumup.***?
This cannot be changed. Name and forum description can be changed.
Or use the extra ForumUp feature to set your domain (info inside the adminpanel>General Admin>ForumUp) or use a free redirect service. Guests not having our forum can read on this link >

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9-Can I make my own style and upload it and use it?
You can show your complete style, and place a link in your request. However it will apply to all ForumUp forums, and you will have no guarantee it will be uploaded or answered.

10-How do you put your site in the Directory on ForumUp homepage?
Go to Admin Panel>General Admin>ForumUp
In the top left corner of the page you will see ......Change Directory. Put the name of your site in the left hand the right hand box (a drop down box) Select the category you want to put your site in... Click Modify Category.

11-How can I change the logo that is on the top corner of templates?
In your Admin panel, go to Style -> ForumUp Theme. Click on ForumUp Theme. That will bring up the "Theme Logo Change" page. Note with using the ForumUp Theme tool, you can only make that change for one template. If you then do it to another template, the first one will revert back to how it was.

Where is says "Logo From", you do not put any punctuation or html code marks around the name of the original logo. You do not put the complete URL of the original logo image. For example, it would look simply like this:



Do NOT put a / in front of it.

To find the URL of a logo image, right click on it, select "properties". Then you will see the complete URL of that image, but do not use the complete URL in the "Logo from" box.

In the "Logo to" box, you do put the complete URL of the new logo, but again, with no html codes around it. For example:

Also, the name of your image should not have underscores ( _ ) or hyphens ( - ) in it as they make the image not show up all the time. Yes, the ones in the samples have an underscore and a hypen, but it doesn't always work right if a person's new logo has them.

You can also change the logo on templates using a Java Script code. See:
Only registered users can see links on this forum!
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With using the Java Script code, you can change the logo on more than one template.

12-How do I add an arcade game to my forum?

Go to administration panel> Forum Admin> and click on Management.

Create a new category and name it.

Create a new forum within your new category, and name it the name of the game.

In the forum description for the new forum for the game, paste the game code that you copied from the site the game is on. Then click on "Submit".

Games cannot be added to posts. **Note that some games won't allow you to add new categories under them later on, so you might have to delete a game in order to add a new category, then put the game back.

13-How do I put a banner, and/or make a clickable banner, at the top center of my forum?
Go to the Admin Panel>General Admin> Configuration. For a plain banner that does not get clicked on to have the user get directed to another page, in the "Site Description" box, type in:

<img src=http://urlandnameofyourpicture>

You can have words come above or below the image. To make a new line for the an item (words or a picture) to appear below the other, type in <p> after the first item, then type the next item after the <p>. Do not have any spaces before or after the <p>.

To make a clickable banner:

In the "Site Description" box, type in the following:
<a href="http://websiteyouwant"><img src=http://urlandnameofyourpic></a>

Of course, instead of saying websiteyouwant, put in the address of the real website you want. Instead of urlandnameofyourpic, put the real web address where your picture is. Notice that you put quotation marks around the first URL, but NOT around the URL of your picture.

This won't work with every style.

14-How do I make a clickable picture within a post?
Type in the following, but put in the real URL of the website you want people to get to and the real URL of your image.
[URL=http://url where you want people to wind up][img]http://put the url of your image from your picture host here[/img][/URL]

15-How do I add an Avatar? Is there a gallery I can upload Avatars to for members to choose from?
We don't have an avatar gallery that you can upload photos to. You can upload your own avatar, or chose one that you have on your personal webspace or from your online photo album.

Avatars cannot be wider or taller than 80 pixels, give or take a few pixels.

To add an avatar, go to your Profile page. At the bottom of the Profile page, you will find the Avatar Control Panel.

To upload one from your computer, follow the directions on the Profile page.

To use a picture from another website, such as an online photo album, or your own webspace, you need to put in the complete URL of the particular picture you want to use. **You must put it in the section "Link to off-site Avatar"- the very bottom choice. Then hit the "Submit" button.

16-How do I put Scrolling text on my forum?
Go to Admin Panel>Forum Admin>Management
To put Scrolling text in the forum Category click Edit and in the forum Name type in

<marquee behavior=scroll direction="left" scrollamount="4" width="80%">putyourtexthere </marquee>

To put the Scrolling text in the forum Description click Edit and in the Description type in the above Code.

To put Scrolling text below the Forum Name
Go to Admin Panel>Configuration>Site Description and type in

<marquee behavior=scroll direction="left" scrollamount="4" width="80%">putyourtexthere </marquee>

In each case remember to change to your own text "putyourtexthere"and remember to click Submit.

PLease note: Changing the number "4" to a lower number will slow down the speed of scrolling and, changing it to a higher number will speed it up.

For the Forum Name scrolling text 'may' not be possible if you have a Banner installed

17. How do I add a Rank Image?

You firstly need to choose your images, you'll find lots here to choose from here -
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Download the images of your choice to your computer

Now you need to upload the images to a picture hosting site such as photobucket or Image Shack and copy the url.

Now goto Admin Panel > User Admin > Ranks

Choose the rank you wish to add the image to (if you havent created your ranks yet you can do this by clicking 'add a rank) and simply paste the code from your picture hosting site into the rank image box and submit. Ignore the phrase "(Relative to phpBB2 root path)". Just paste the URL to your image.

18. Illegal Content
ForumUp services may not be used for illegal purposes, or in support of illegal activities. ForumUp reserves the right to cooperate with legal authorities and/or injured third parties in the investigation of any suspected crime or civil wrongdoing.

19. I get a "Wait 30 Seconds" message when trying to create a forum, but the message never goes away.
1) When you sign-up for a new forum, make sure that you don't repeat the e-mail address you already registered with for a previous forum.

2) Make sure that the forum name does NOT contain spaces. You can change the way the name looks on your forum index page after you create your forum.

Thanks to

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